Student-Run Bookstore 20080525

has very low in seven year
to improve students english skill and general literacy
two teachers help to set up bookstore inside the school
the school provide every vriaty interesting books and
oppotunity to run it by students themselves.
??? Riginal is one of dozen students that run this store.
they make sure the student get the book they like to read
"if people wanna hold books, you write it down, and you hold this book
either after school or next week."
Price is offortable,
Bu??? says the bookstore school is favorite place for student to hang out.
"My friend and my classmate really like the bookstore, because they could read in the bookstore,
They even do something over the lunch"
Most students like the bookstore more than the school libary.
"The book is new, if you want to buy it. social area....
we are talking about reducing the price"
work together to creat the bookstore.
is a valuable tool to improve student's literacy
"they don't have literature or literacy background from the family"

San Francisco
a city and port in California, US.
It is a very beautiful city,
built on hills next to a bay (=an area of sea that curves inwards towards the land)
on the Pacific Ocean. Its famous areas include Chinatown,
where many people live whose families originally came from China,
the Golden Gate Bridge, and the prison island of Alcatraz.
The city is close to the San Andreas fault, and was almost destroyed by the great earthquake
and fire of 1906.

hangout [countable
a place someone likes to go to often:
eg. The bar is a favourite hangout for students.

literacy [uncountable]
the state of being able to read and write [≠ illiteracy; ? numeracy]:
eg. a new adult literacy campaign