Google 完全手冊


20080702 你google了嗎?

主講人 先生


Web1.0à Reading and download

Web2.0à Upload and sharing


RSS2.0 OR ATOM0.2 Software

Sharpreader à reading in your computer http://www.sharpreader.net/

Google reader à reading on internet

Google Gear à download the material in your computer and off-line reading



Max. file size = 100Mb

Max. Time = 10 mins.



Add ghost mail address à 12345+ad@gmail.com à these mail will mail to 12345@gmail.com  (after "+", you can add anything)


Google Search


Site:tw keyword à search web site in Taiwan

Filetype:doc keyword à search *.doc file

Link:www.google.com.tw àsearch web site that has link to www.google.com.tw


Google desktop à a powerful tool for your personal computer.