COURSE TIP 20080515

Course Tip

1.      You Forgot, Because use memory skill.

So, please do not use memory skill for learning English.

2. Our brain Like Short Stimulus.

Short stimulus help us learning. Using 5 mins benefit help you saving time and learning English more efficiently.

3. What you can do when you are listening English material ?

a Write down what you heard.

b Listen Only

c Listen and speak it out instantly.

Home Work

1.      Search topic that is about meeting, conference, convention.

2.      Presume you were a chairman of one specific conference, how will you introduce this meeting? Write it down and record your voice.

3.      Presume you were the speaker of this conference, what will you talk about? Write is down and record your voice.

4.      Show your English Learning Trajectory on your blog.

5.      Evaluation. Now, we are in the middle of this course. Please write down your evaluation about this course. About the learning English, what is different in this course ? Do you have any recommendation ? What is really good for you ?

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