20080523 2 MBA01a

i just say a few word of the ?????

and the high light of me will be getting your question in a few minutes.

i wanna talk about what is on your mind

i urg you to thought ??? and it's more fun for you if you put a little speech ????

you can ask me by anything except last ?????

couch meeting

our goal

i would like to talk about

1 minute about your future

you all got the enery


most of you will suceed and leading your experty

enternat suceed



integrity, intellegent, energy

kill all

we really talk about the question

think about this question

to buy 10% of your classmate


i give you an hour to think about it

i give you an IQ test.

quality effect

i will say

i will to be the person that is generous and honest

you will right down the admire quality in the class

you think about the person that is really

all this quality

look that.....

that's why i don't involve technology


sean say:

i will stop MBA listening learning here. This material is not suitable for me to do learning tracing.

i know the main idea about what he talks about, but i can't write them down, there are too much words.

i will find another mp3 file, that is shortter and the voice is more clear.