Self Introduction

Hi, i am sean, i was born in I-Lan, and before I study in a university, i live there.It's great place for kids. Not much pressure or competition in studying. Kids always can find a place to play. It's a wonderful place, and the flow of time is more slow than Taipei.
In I-Lan, the most convinient transportation facility is motorcycle, but forchildren is bicycle.
Bicycle is important. Although I-Lan is a village area, but your bicycle could be stolen probabilely. During my elementary education, my bicycles had been stolen five times. And my parent didn't not want to buy any one to me. But God really bless me. One time, my grandmother asked me to give her tree random numbers.And then she used these number to win a lottery, but it was called 六合彩 at that time.She buy me a bicycle as a returning. I think i was lucky when i was young, let me share another experience.
When i was small, about seven years old, there was a lucky draw in the department store. My family sent me to draw what we can get. Finally, I help my family to get a refrigerator, ice box. It was the first prize in that activity. But next year, i was sent to draw again, i just got a washbowl. Maybe i grow up in the country, so i like to do exercise.
I like to play basketball, swimming, jogging and mountain hiking. When i was a university student,I joined the mountain climbing club. In my life, it is one of the decision that i never regret.Not only enjoy the beautiful scenery, but also learn how to live with other. Life is simple in the mountain. We wake up in the morning, then eat, then walk, then eat lunch,then walk, then put up our tent, then eat dinner and then sleep. And next day, we wake up, and repeat these thing again.
So, you spent lots of time with your partner. Maybe one is generous, diligent or kindly just because you only get along with hime only 3 hours a week,but if you really live with him all of the day, it maybe continue 5 to 10 days, You will know him in true.Sharing is very important, when we are in the mountain, we could say that we are in one boat.
Let me ask you one question, would you dare to eat the food after someone has bitten or eat it ? When we walk in the mountain, and we are hurry to go to our today destination, maybe the weather is bad,it's cold and windy, maybe with a little rain. We don't have much time to stay and take rest.But it really great, if you can drink hot soup with nuddle during that time.Sometime, we really cook the fast noddle in one steel cup. And everyone use this one cup in turn.It is possible not only one round, it could be two or three. But when we are not in the mountain, we won't do that.
It's nauseated.
Finally, you may wonder about is it a self-introduction ??? when will i start to talk about myself ?I want to say that it's my self introduction. I hope sharing my experience may help you to know who I am.Thank you for your attention.